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SIEMENS WinCC/Redundancy

it's miles feasible to increase device availability through redundancy for applications with WinCC through the usage of Redundant Servers,
Redundant Communications Paths
And Exceptionally Available Controllers.
WinCC/Redundancy gives you the option to perform interconnected WinCC single-person structures or servers in parallel to monitor one more. you may want one of the two redundancy licenses from the delivery kit of the options package for each redundant accomplice server. If one of the server computer systems fails, the second one server assumes manipulate of the complete gadget. After the failed server is operative once more, the contents of all message, method cost and consumer data as well as inner tags are synchronized on line. In all, this leads to seriously higher machine availability. You manufacturing remains on line, even though a server should fail.


expanded machine availability with continuous data integrity
computerized switch-over whilst a server fails or the S7 conversation to the server fails
non-stop operation and visualization via automated switchover of the clients to the intact server
computerized synchronization of all documents (process fee and person files), message facts and internal tags within the historical past after a fault is cleared


Commonly, WinCC stations or procedure records servers run absolutely in parallel, because of this each station has its own procedure connection and personal documents. The clients that are linked to the servers can be disbursed to the servers as required, which results in a reduced load. while one of the WinCC stations fails, the opposite takes over the archiving of messages, procedure data and consumer records. This guarantees whole statistics integrity. In customer/server mode, the clients are routinely switched from the failed server to the redundant accomplice. This guarantees continuous plant visualization and operation on each operator station.
when a failed companion is restored, all of the archived method values, messages (including statuses, acknowledgements, lists and comments), facts from the consumer archive of the failure period and inner tags are robotically synchronized with the companion inside the history – with out affecting the going for walks gadget. once this is whole, equal servers/stations can be available once more. The clients linked to the servers are disbursed among their unique server partners once more. the automated switchover to the redundant accomplice takes area no longer best whilst a server fails, but additionally in case of disturbed S7 process communication or defective packages.


similarly to the choice of using servers related in parallel through the WinCC/Redundancy alternative, you could additionally design the communication channels to the controller redundantly in a WinCC utility. communications processors are plugged in and the communication paths are doubled. using fail-secure SIMATIC S7 controllers can, if required, further boom availability at the manipulate stage. Combining the machine answers creates a security concept that meets even high demands.
The WinCC/Redundancy choice consists of licenses for each redundant servers
A Redundancy license is needed on each of the 2 servers similarly to different important licenses.


To make certain the secure operation of a plant or gadget it is also important to take appropriate preventive movement (e.g. mobile protection idea) and to integrate the automation and drive components right into a brand new holistic industrial safety idea for the whole plant or machine. Any 0.33-birthday party merchandise that can be in use must also be taken into consideration.

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