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Platform Concept and Totally Integrated Automation
All SINAMICS versions are based on a platform concept. Common hardware and software components, as well as standardized tools for design, configuration and commissioning tasks, ensure high-level integration across all components.
SINAMICS handles a wide variety of drive tasks without system gaps. The different SINAMICS versions can be easily combined with each other.
SINAMICS is part of the Siemens "Totally Integrated Automation" concept. Integrated SINAMICS systems covering engineering, data management and communication at automation level, ensure low-maintenance solutions with the SINUMERIK, SIMOTION, and SIMATIC control systems

All formats can be combined freely
The different formats of SINAMICS S120 can be combined freely thanks to their innovative drive architecture with DRIVE-CLiQ interfaces, e.g. Line Modules in chassis format can be freely combined with Motor Modules in booksize format for multi-axis applications with high total output.

Modular system for demanding drive tasks

SINAMICS S120 solves demanding drive tasks for a wide range of industrial applications and is, therefore, designed as a modular system. Users can choose from many different harmonized components and functions to create a solution that best meets their requirements. SIZER, a high-performance configuring tool, makes it easier to choose and determine the optimum drive configuration. This is possible due to the consistent subdivision of the drive in hardware and software function objects, which ensures that the power unit and Control Unit are isolated from each other.

The power units are selected in accordance with the requirements for energy consumption for the motion of the working machine and for exchange of energy with the power supply network. The Control Unit is selected in accordance with the number of drives to be controlled and the performance required. Communication between the Control Unit and power unit takes place very simply via the digital system interface DRIVE‑CLiQ.

SINAMICS S120 is enhanced by a wide range of motors. Whether synchronous or asynchronous, all motor types are supported by SINAMICS S120.

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